Small and Simple Pleasures in Life to Cherish Everyday

Simple and mundane. Whoever said that…Life’s greatest joys have always been in the simplest things.

The pandemic, for sure, made us take note of the little things in our everyday lives and reiterated the importance of small and simple pleasures in our lives. We had all the time, decluttered from the taxing hours spent on making grand plans on travel and shopping and then excruciatingly executing them. We were more at home and more with our families. Indeed with more hugs, many more conversations, and countless cups of tea! 

If I would go around recollecting these simple joys of life, it would begin with the ‘rains’. Perhaps the most clichéd and yet the most overwhelming joys of the Indian way of life which is chai-pakora on a rainy evening. I remember as children, the rains called for making paper boats and getting drenched for the futile paper boats to sail across the biggest puddle. Watching the rains, sipping chai, munching pakoras, and holding a paper boat came back to me this year.

During this period of stay-at-home, many around me had turned to baking while my rendezvous with the microwave left it broken and beyond repair. Well, life has a way of taking me back to simpler things. No more fancy cakes, I learned to perfect the curd rice recipe. Now you may ask, who goes wrong with that and what joy is it to accomplish a simple dish. Believe me. It is! The comforting taste of curd rice on a hot summer afternoon is scrumptious. Add some hot potato fries to it and it is simply divine.

Another simple joy to which I would dedicate this whole year would be – playing board games. Growing up, I wasn’t a big fan of board games, I preferred outdoor games. Well, no secrets that pandemic robbed us of this pleasure. So I ordered a few board games, dusted the old carrom board, and unearthed the chessboard from the deepest dungeons of my home.

And then during one of my cleaning errands, I stumbled upon the old newspaper stack and I was stuck at the page with an unsolved crossword. From the crossword, I went sliding down to the Sudoku section. I remember back in the school days, Sudoku was a craze. As you would agree, numbers from one to ten are enough to jog your brain acoss half the globe and bring back some happy memories too.

Nostalgia is the hallmark of ‘simple joys of life’ for me! Just like the other day when I hit upon a stack of Reader’s Digest and was absorbed in them for hours. I remembered some of the articles while some were so interesting to read even after a decade.

The simplest things are sure to bring a smile to your face, try opening a photo album or lazily lying in your bed caught up in mindless thoughts. Indeed, the smallest things give us the greatest joys.

Ten small and simple pleasures in life that we can cherish:

1.Basking in the Sunrise

Sunrise has a serene effect on mind and soul. Just to be able to stand on your balcony and basking in the beauty of the morning sunshine is enough to get you through a hard day ahead.

2. Morning Cup of Tea

No matter what, I would never part with my morning cup of tea! I feel watching the sunrise or just sitting by the window with a cup of tea or talking to your loved one in the morning over tea is the most picture perfect moment.

3. Cooking your Favourite Dish

A kitchen is a magical place. Before the pandemic, one planned to dine outside or ordering from their favourite restaurant. But it seems now is the time to enjoy cooking your favourite meal and relishing it with your family. Perhaps even posting a picture with your dish on instagram!

4. Listening to your Favourite Song

Turn back to the golden era of music or the latest song stuck in a loop inside your head. Any of these choices would surely take you to a happy mind space.

5. Sunset with a cup of Coffee

Coffee or no coffee, sunset has to be for sure the simplest and most calming moments of the day.

6. Looking at the Blue Sky with Clouds

As I child, I loved looking at the white fluff of clouds in the sky. I believe we were all just like Ellie from the movie ‘Up’, imagining moving clouds to be so many things. Then, we grew up and it felt silly. Today, I would say no…looking at those clouds is one of the most calming things so go ahead and look at the sky with childlike imagination.

7. Reading a Favourite/ New/ Any book

Reading is one of the simplest and most pleasurable activities. Pick up anything, a bestseller or a classic or a memoir, I am sure you will find solace.

8. Solve a Jigsaw puzzle/ Sudoku/ Crossword

Just like craft, solving a jigsaw puzzle or Sudoku or Crossword is very soothing. These activities decrease anxiety and instill mental well-being.

9. Watering Plants in the morning

What can be more soothing and pleasurable than meeting your plants first thing in the morning? It is an amazing feeling to see the plants in your balcony turning all lush green and flowering. Spotting a bee, butterfly or a moth is a bonus!

10. Watching a Classic/ Favourite movie

Watching a movie alone or with your family is one of the most common, everyday things that we probably do. But is there anything more pleasurable than watching a movie? Is there anything comparable to happily watching the good old black and white Charlie Chaplin episodes!

Hope you liked reading this post. Do hop along and add to the list of small and simple pleasures of our life in the comments section below.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 

3 thoughts on “Small and Simple Pleasures in Life to Cherish Everyday

  1. The pandemic has certainly helped us for the small and simple pleasures of life. I love to watch the clouds in the sky, set paperboats in the puddles, watch the rain, enjoy a cup of tea, reading books, solving Sudokus and basking in the sunlight

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