About Me

I started my career as a journalist and then moved to the rural development sector. The reporter’s profession changed to implementation and evaluation in the commencing seven years. Intermittently, there was some work done on Psephology. Elections and result prediction based on statistical modeling was all I could think of at one point in time. However, books always remained a staple. Whether they were the work-related non fiction genre on Watershed Development, Forestry or Value Chain Assessment or Fictional/ Classic delights.

‘Bookishloom’ culminated from my love for books and an urge to write about them. So today, I freelance and run my book blog.

Why write reviews? I have asked this question to the blogger inside me, and the answer seems to be a simple one. Firstly, personally I depend on reviews to pick and select a book to read. And, I wanted to add to the existing plethora of information about books on the web. Secondly, I love to discuss all about books and a blog is a great platform for sharing these views.