About me

I started my career as a journalist and then moved to the development sector. The reporting profession changed to implementation and evaluation in the commencing seven years. Then, there were a couple of months on psephology, in between. Every profession taught me something new and I kept working to the best of my abilities. Today, I do freelance and run my blog.

Bookishloom is essentially the culmination of my love for books and great movies. The two things which give us vicarious pleasure without moving an inch. So, why write reviews? I have asked this question to the blogger inside me, and the answer seems to be an elaborate one. Firstly, I depend on reviews to pick and select books or watch a particular movie. And, I wanted to add to the existing plethora of information on the web. Secondly, I love to discuss books and movies, and I thought a blog would be a great platform to exchange opinions.