If You Had to Choose Between Reading or Writing #BlogchatterBlogHop

Is this the Chicken or the Egg paradox? Yeah, that was my first take on the prompt for this week’s Blog Hop. But an afterthought on the prompt led me to this post.

Reading or Writing? Now, if I were a success at writing, I would have certainly written and posted my pieces on the last two prompts!

Writing is a strenuous process. Those who say ‘nay’, I understand where that comes from. You are one of those who sit at the desk, and the creative juices start to flow. The instant your pen touches the paper, the ink smears across in beautiful cursive creating something that is both cohesive and lucid. (Not a badly done doodle or a grocery list…Oh! I am good at making those to-do lists, pat on my back, and end of story.) I get it, the magic entices your fingers the very moment they feel the keyboard underneath and lead you to a 1000-word-piece ending with a satisfying full stop.

The strugglers, on the other hand, (be with me those who say ‘yay’) stay for hours looking at the blank screen. Occasionally (or not so occasionally), checking random weather updates, only to curse Google weather for showing ‘rain’ at noon, breaking your chain of thoughts. Now that you have been alerted of the pressing need, you should get up and bring those clothes inside from the balcony. Back to your desk, you realize there is free access to ebooks for prime members. (Between, I just read Zikora by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and can’t recommend it enough!) Hmmm, the next nemesis is the uncontrolled scroll on Instagram. Seriously, I feel people keep uploading reels to divert writers from producing quality content! Whatever, but stalled writing is a real issue.  

I struggled with this piece too. Last night, I had the complete picture in my head, a mentally composed full-page awesome blog post before I hit the sleep button. Today morning, magic worked in all wrong directions, and my grey cells refused to divulge a single word from last night’s cranial marathon. And dare someone say you don’t feed your brain good stuff. Well, I eat all my greens and read a healthy amount and yet, my stubborn brain declines to budge from the moment it sees a blank word sheet…what a snob!

After that colourful outburst, I say ‘Reading’ is what I pick…any hour of the day and any day of the year. This is a statement while I juggle with a random organizational annual report, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, and A History of the World in 10 ½ Chapters by Julian Barnes. Apparently, my brain has no qualms in compartmentalizing these genres and picking up from where it was left. And mind you, this could be days after a deluge of unsurmountable Geronimo Stiltons by my little one who loves reading it aloud! I love the sympathies coming my way, but I have revenge with ‘The Pickwick Papers’ by Dickens read out aloud by me in turn. Yes, a minor cautionary warning, please refrain from entering our house during reading hours…the doorbell, or your shouts may just be lost in the cacophony of our war-of-the-words!

On a wider plateau, reading is a hobby, a loyal hobby that needs no approval from the community. While writing puts you under the scanner. The urge to press the delete button before taking the mouse to send or publish is what makes all the difference. Now I wish to erase all that rant above! I am unsure how much of this piece will stay intact or be trimmed or if it will even see the daylight.

Now that’s why there are scores of books on writing, with successful authors sharing their secret mantra on writing and providing writing exercises. I wish to read them all and become a better writer someday. Though I wonder, are there books on improving reading skills and end here!

If this piece was agreeable to your reading palate, then do like and comment on the post. Also, do share your take on ‘reading or writing’.

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10 thoughts on “If You Had to Choose Between Reading or Writing #BlogchatterBlogHop

  1. Know what, Nina? I love reading a lot and struggle with writing just like you do at times. I’ve deserted my blog for months since I didn’t feel like it. That said, words are the best way I can vent or emote. Without them I would lose myself.

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  2. This was so much fun to read! Though I will go with reading over writing, I do think every writer from time to time oscillates between a spontaneous flow of words and the dreaded staring at a blank screen 🙂

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  3. I enjoyed reading your post, Ninu. You have such a delightful style of writing, imbued with a good sense of humour. As for me, I wrote a post on the same topic, but could not make that choice, because reading and writing go hand-in-hand for me. 🙂 Kudos on a wonderful post!

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