What’s On My Desk?

Imagine a sloth on a tree. I believe this is how I picture me with my work desk. My work desk is the center of my work-from-home universe. As a book blogger, this is where I read emails for reviews and promotions, catalogue the requests, and schedule the work. This post is about my precious work desk and me – the sloth. Although, I think I accomplish my tasks swiftly, at least inside my headspace, so where the conjecture actually transpires is on the probability of finding me on my work desk, as you would see a sloth on a tree!

Moving on…remember the times when people used to say, don’t bring work home. Gone are those days, today work from home is the new normal, and the best work desks at home are the most coveted. Those fancy Instagram drool-worthy desks, huge lampshades, colour co-ordinated desk with chair, further co-ordinated with wall paints, cushions, curtains, table cloths and what not…probably even with the coffee mugs! Nonetheless, a sturdy table with a comfortable chair and ample lighting would do just as well. If it suits you and gives you the perfect ambience to work in peace, nothing like it.

What does a work desk mean? Simply put, it means work usually performed at a desk. Now that we aren’t the typewriter or paperwork species anymore, work from a desk means having a computer or a laptop with decent internet connectivity. Mine is a simple desk with a flat surface and legs without storage space or drawers. Perched on top are the essentials – laptop, books, journals, pen stand, and random papers. Random papers are what makes my desk ‘mine’!

My work desk is a place where I spend a lot of my time when I am home and these days, I am home all the time. Balance in life for me comes from reading. My work desk is the place where I reflect on what I have read. The perspectives, the random jottings, the email responses, and the to-do lists are all part of the time I spend on this desk. This is also where I occasionally sip a cup of tea while uploading a file or referencing something. Though I dislike the idea of placing a tea/ coffee mug on the work desk and staining the area.

Now coming to the most essential work tool on the desk – laptop. My laptop is the same one that has seen the heydays of my professional life and kept pace with my frantic travel schedules. On those over-worked days, this one withstood long hours of work even at village-level night halts with no electricity. These days I feel happy seeing my tech buddy perched on the work desk, unhindered by the outside world. All that matters now is whether I get a spark of inspiration or have a deadline to meet, to come barging on to the keyboard and start typing. Interspersed are those lazy days when nothing except internet browsing happens and the over-enthusiastic days that die down with letting the shopaholic me going bananas on Amazon. Then the days when I type a thousand words straight in minutes and then click the delete button.

When I look at my work desk, I see the reflection of a minimalist me. I like my desk with very few things, so I avoid placing showpieces, pin-up board, lampshade, or a photograph. I am not sure why but I love the emptiness around me when I am working. Even the storage cabinets are placed at a little distance from my work desk.

Still, on certain days, I get the messiest-at-its-best work desk covered with books, journals, papers, pens, and highlighters scattered all over. Gladly I also have the clutter-free, spick and span desk days with everything arranged perfectly, even the random papers hidden somewhere hard to surface until I go berserk trying to find them again.

On the days that my work desk is a charming sight to behold, this corner is the epitome of serenity. I could sit there for hours, stare at the blank wall in front of me on a little spiritual sojourn, and probably get just one email drafted. Yet, feel happy and productive.

My work desk is a place where I have experienced the creative flow, writer’s block, and a million other emotions just like you, my reader.

Nowadays what I miss on my desk is the table calendar. It was a little childhood habit of mine to keep a table calendar, to mark important days and upcoming events. Do write to me in the comments section about a thing that you wish to add to your work desk.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 

5 thoughts on “What’s On My Desk?

  1. I have been working from home for over a year now and I don’t like it one bit but I understand when you say that it’s now the new normal and fancy desks are now cool. I have myself invested in getting new monitors, laptop desks and learned cable management.

    I really enjoyed reading your post, subscribing 🙂

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    • I am glad you enjoyed reading this post and yeah, working from home isn’t to everyone’s comfort or liking. I hope we get back to our normal at the soonest.
      Stay safe and thank you so much for subscribing!


  2. I’ve never had the luxury of working from home. I’ve been going to my work place for well over an year now, after the initial break due to the first lockdown. My work desk tends to get cluttered at times thanks a few documents, letters, reference sheets and so on. But in the post corona era, I have no option other than to rest my tea mug beside my keyboard and hope that I don’t knock it over!

    Liked by 1 person

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