Signed up for Blogchatter’s Reading Challenge 2021

I love to read. Reading is a part of me but a reading challenge is NOT! In my boisterous likes and dislikes of books, genres, and authors, any set TBR goes for a toss. For the same reason, it is difficult for me to stick around with a book club reading schedule. Instead, what I have imbibed over the last couple of years is to set an annual target on Goodreads.

Obviously, reading is fun and therapeutic but without the resolve to read more books, sometimes I keep spiraling around with more time and indecisiveness on what to read. A rough sketch on numbers help me keep pace with reading. I love to see the numbers ticking up on the stash as I turn the page on the calendar each month.

In 2020, I had made the resolution to read 50 books and Goodreads tells me I read 38, sadly didn’t reach my goal. Of course, one can blame the pandemic for it, the multi-tasking and the temptation to watch shows on OTT.

While I was deciding on a reading target for 2021, I was happy to know about the Blogchatter Reading Challenge. I was excited for this challenge, as I have been a part of Blogchatter’s campaigns through 2020 – A2Z challenge, MyFriendAlexa, and CauseAChatter. I think along with reading, this challenge will be a wonderful way to stay connected with the blogging community members. Also, you may call it serendipity that the first book I started to read in 2021 is ‘Death on the Nile’ by Agatha Christie under the Blogchatter Book Review program.  

I have set a target of 30 books to read for 2021. And, I hope participating in this reading challenge would revive my reading pace. I mean it would be sad to not read 30 books I pledge for this year.  

Though I have not completely planned my TBR but certainly there are books on my shelf that have stayed for quite some time now and a few new releases that I am looking forward to.

Out of the thirty books I pledged, I intend to reread ten books from the past that were my absolute favourites. My last post lists out these ten books. So that takes care of ten out of the thirty books I intend to read this year.

There are three authors that I want to read this year – Kazuo Ishiguru, Jodi Picoult and Jojo Moyes. Then I wish to read more by Indian authors especially after reading ‘Moustache’ by S. Hareesh last year, which was an amazing read, and intrinsically an Indian story. Going back to the ‘Intimidating Longest Books on my TBR’, I have started with ‘A Suitable Boy’ by Vikram Seth and hopefully can squeeze in ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce by the year-end. I do not DNF often and I realize it sometimes slows me down when I am stuck with a book that doesn’t seem very interesting. Never mind, I guess that’s what reading challenges are for, to keep you on track at such times.

Fingers crossed and all geared up for this exciting Reading Challenge!

If you are as excited to join a Reading Challenge, click here and be a part of this challenge!

‘I’m participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter’ 

11 thoughts on “Signed up for Blogchatter’s Reading Challenge 2021

    • Thank you so much, Ritu! Oh, do pick up ‘A Suitable Boy’ sometime, the length sure is intimidating but it is quite pacey once you begin reading it.
      Just visited your blog and you are so sorted with your TBR, it is amazing. My best wishes to you too for the challenge!


  1. I am as excited about the new year and more reading as you are. ‘Moustache’ is such a good read; I would definitely read more Indian authors this year. And some year, I would like to revisit ‘A Suitable Boy’.

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