What’s All the Commotion?: A book about Social Distancing by Jessie Glenn

What’s All the Commotion?’ is an inclusive picture book about COVID-19 and social distancing that seeks to explain this tough, timely topic to children.

The world we live in has terribly changed due to the pandemic in the last few months. We are now calling this the ‘new normal’. As adults, we understand the gravity of the situation and equip ourselves to handle the pressures in this strenuous situation. What about our children, the young minds who are absorbing the information around this ‘new normal’ and living with it?

Children are missing their routine of school, outdoor playtime, and the weekend outings. They are away from their friends, restricted within the four walls of their homes. Indeed, a tumultuous time for the children to deal on their own. 

What’s All the Commotion? A Book about Social Distancing by Jessie Glenn, 35 pages Publisher: Eldredge Books

What’s All the Commotion?’ offers an answer to the young readers on the current situation, ‘the commotion’ and the best practices for them to follow. It is a book aimed at readers between the age-group of 2 to 9 years. Hence, it is light on the text and accompanied by pictures on every alternate page. There are pictures of children promoting hand-washing and asking others to cover their nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing.

The writing is meant to stimulate conversations sewn around coronavirus and social distancing and the changes children have experienced. The book incorporates the feelings, queries, and the anxieties expressed by children during this period.

While reading the book, I liked that it comforts young readers by stating there are others just like them across the world who are going through the same situation. This hope is vital as it leaves the young minds in a happy and safe space.  

Another section tells why grown-ups may look a bit distracted or nervous at this time. Of course, this has been an aspect concerning children as they see adult in their families engaged in work, managing household chores and the entire turmoil affecting them.

There is a captivating illustration right before the book ends with children across continents connected by love. And, as the author says, “this will not last forever.” Hopefully, we get back our ‘old normal’ real soon!

All proceeds from the book are going to No Kid Hungry

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About the Author

Jessie Glenn has published in NYT (Modern Love), Cleaver, Salon (‘Best of 2018 Essay’), WaPo, Toronto Star, Rumpus and elsewhere. Their publishing work has been featured in Poets & Writers Magazine, Annie Jenning’s EliteWire, AWP, and more.

Jessie is currently completing a memoir about Creatures: children, illness, animals, mothering and taboo. A former professor of book publicity in Portland State University’s Masters of Publishing Program, Jessie and spouse have a blended family with five children.

Jessie’s hobbies include domesticating wild animals, beekeeping, off grid living, and magic.

What’s All the Commotion” is not the book that Jessie expected to be her first, but it was the one that needed to be written.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

One thought on “What’s All the Commotion?: A book about Social Distancing by Jessie Glenn

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Such books are very needed.
    I was just thinking of what would be the worldview of very young children who would be growing up seeing people with masks all around. Not only that they would also be told to keep a distance.
    Pope Francis said in 2015 in an entirely different context: “We are not living an era of change but a change of era.” But those words applicable the life we are all living.


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