‘Stop! Breathe and Think!’ by Nesrine Sleiman: A mantra for handling preschoolers’ anger outbursts

‘Stop! Breathe and Think!’ is a book aimed at preschoolers as they begin to adjust with school, their new surroundings, and understanding their feelings.

This story is about Lemar, a little girl who wants to be an artist when she grows up. But, one day she loses her drawing at school and is overcome by a fit of anger. The book tells the readers how Lemar was able to overcome her strong emotion of anger and disappointment and becomes happy once again.

Nesrine Ahmad Sleiman is the author of this book and Aytan Khalafova is the illustrator. And, I must say Lemar looks absolutely adorable and the colour palette is so soothing. The little ones are sure to be drawn towards such delightful pictures of the children, classroom, and the teacher.

‘Stop! Breathe and Think!’ is a book that you can read with your little one and explain how they can deal with their anger and disappointment. In the book, Lemar cannot deal with the disappointment of losing her drawing and decides to throw a tantrum. Does your child agree with Lemar’s way of dealing with the situation? It is a perfect setting for a role play, your child will be glad to place him/ her in Lemar’s position and find a way out. I really like this book from these two perspectives.

A preschooler is going through such troubled times, adjusting with the new surrounding at school and new children in the classroom. There are times when children do not know how to deal with their feelings, especially as they lose something or aren’t able to do what they think is important to them.

For the teachers, this book could be a great read for the students in their class to discuss about their feelings and problem-solving. The storyline includes open-ended questions to enhance children’s conversational skills, therefore, language development.

Nesrine puts herself as Lemar’s teacher in the pictorial form in this book and comes forward with the mantra of ‘Stop, Breathe and Think’. But will Lemar listen to her teacher in this fit of anger?

Smaller children often throw tantrums and we feel confused about how to help ease their strong reactions! This book tries to help children accept and learn how to regulate strongly mixed emotions.

I hope this is a series by Nesrine and there are more books on their way with adorable Lemar.

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About the Author

Nesrine Ahmad Sleiman is a preschool teacher with a decade of experience in the field of child development and preschool education. She holds a degree in Child Development and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Family and Human Development.

She strongly believes in the importance of developing Emotional Intelligence early on due to its impact on children’s cognitive development.

I received a copy of this book from BookSirens in exchange for an honest review.

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