I’m Joking by Tom E. Moffatt: More than 500 Original Jokes for Kids

This is definitely one book you need in the present times; simply to lighten the mood amid corona stress. ‘I’m Joking’ has more than 500 jokes written by Tom E.Moffatt and with illustrations by Paul Beavis. The blurb says that the book is intended for children aged 8 and up, but even I laughed my heart out at some of the jokes. As they say, age is no bar for a collection of jokes.

The amazing part about ‘I’m Joking’ is that there are no recycled jokes. With jokes, once you have heard them, they lose the charm. Exactly what the author felt and came out with his fresh stock of jokes.

I’m Joking by Tom E. Moffatt
Book Length: 242 pages
Publisher: Write Laugh Books

A peep into the humour ‘I’m Joking’ offers –

What’s an elephant’s favourite sport? Squash

What do you call an alligator that wears a vest? An investigator

Tom E. Moffatt builds in a brief and amusing introduction before each of the 25 sections.  The collection begins with ‘Ancient Egyptian Humour’ and the mummy and pharaoh jokes bundle up. It is indeed nice how illustrations go hand-in-hand with the jokes, setting the tone.

As a parent, you will be glad to hit upon the ‘vegetable joke’ section. Probably, some great humour around vegetables can make kids happily gobble up the healthy food.

And, if Venus made people try their hand at writing poetry then Uranus surely inspired this humour writer to pen a few jokes around space. I never thought ‘Lost in Space’ could also be a whole separate box of humour.

Hmmm…I must admit that I am not a big fan of poo jokes, especially ones with an illustration but kids love them so let them have this section all to themselves. Not me!

My favourite section is the ‘Serious Job Jests’, it has some really awesome puns strung around professions. For the book lovers, Tom E.Moffat has a section on ‘Funny Book Titles’ with made up book titles and author names. This one is super hilarious with jokes like ‘Drinking Too Much Water’ by I.P.Allot (ROFL).    

There is also a collection of reader’s favourite jokes. These are jokes collected during audience interactions by Tom E.Moffatt on his school visits or book signings.

I am not good with jokes but I love to hear a few good ones when I am in a zone for it. And, I love intelligently crafted jokes and not the ones with on your face puns. This book is a mix of all this.

You can keep a copy of ‘I’m Joking’ and open it for a relaxed time. Or, play a guessing game with your kids with the knock-knock jokes.

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About the Author

Tom E. Moffatt writes stories and jokes to make himself laugh-out-loud. When other people find them funny he considers it a double-bonus. He mostly writes Middle Grade adventure comedies about crazy mind-swapping situations.

His first book, Barking Mad, won a 2017 Notable Book Award and features a variety of mind-swapping muddles involving a dog trapped in different people’s bodies.

In real life, Tom E. wouldn’t want to switch lives with anyone, even if he had his own mind-swapper. He lives in beautiful New Zealand with his loving wife, three gorgeous daughters and a very tolerant cat called Nina. And he gets to spend his time transforming words into giggles.

I received an advance review copy of this book from BookSirens for an honest review

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