The Eye of RA by Ben Gartner: Release Blitz and Review

It is ‘Release Blitz’ and I bring to you ‘The Eye of RA’ by Ben Gartner. The book is aimed at middle-school children. And, ofcourse has all the right ingredients of magic and adventure rolled in one.

The story begins with John all excited for the summer and the end of his fourth grade. With summer vacations, came the fun of days at the lake, hikes, summer camp, trips and basketball. Also, the Tidewell family is moving from Colorado to Maryland. Though, John is bit hesitant about moving to a new place. Sarah, John’s elder sister is excited saying goodbye to sixth grade and moving to Maryland.

The Eye of RA by Ben Gartner, 280 pages
Publisher: Crescent Vista Press

As a family, the Tidewells plan to have a trek one last time. But instead, Sarah and John hit upon the ‘Eye of Ra’ which acts as a sort of time travel portal. Ra is the symbolic Son, creator of all things, the ruler of the sky, the earth, and the underworld.

It is like ‘The Wizard of Oz’ where Dorothy and Toto, her dog are caught in a cyclone and are left at the Munchkin Country in the Land of Oz. The duo of Sarah and John explore a cave that sends them to Egypt in the era when the pyramid construction is underway.

“She stepped closer to the wall and traced one particular carving in the shape of an eye. It had two lines coming out from the bottom of it, one going straight down with a knifelike edge, another that stretched at an angle diagonal, with a curlicue finish.

As soon as her finger finished following the line of the eye, a bright flash illuminated the chamber for nothing more than the blip of a nanosecond, as if an electric bulb had exploded and gone out. John blinked back a sudden headache, wondering if he’d imagined the burst.”

In a village near the pyramid construction site, Sarah and John meet Zachariah, son of Imhotep. It is wonderful how the author builds up this ancient Egypt. Sarah and John befriend Zachariah whom they call Zack. Zack introduces them to this ancient place as Saqqara, the land of King Djoser. It is humorous how John begins to say the Egyptian names, for instance, he pronounces King Djoser as King Joe-Sir.

Now as strange it might appear to Sarah and John to be in ancient Egypt, it is equally weird for Zack to see American kids, their bizarre clothing and ways! And, there is hands-on Pyramid exploration for these two as they are engaged as laborers at the construction site.

The fun doesn’t end here; there is an incredible journey in store for the kids from ancient Egypt to visit modern-day America with Sarah and John.

It is amazing how the author explores the brother-sister relationship on this adventure. While Sarah is excited to have landed on this expedition while John is scared. But, they have to find a way back and that is a task to be accomplished in unison. There is Zack to help them and perhaps ‘Pyramids’ are actually the time travel portals.  

Amidst the time travel adventure, Sarah and John are also involved in the thrill of unearthing the thefts of statues from the pyramid.  

I really like the lucid language and flow in the story. The narrative moves so quickly that nowhere you are stuck in the monotony of dialogues.

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Exploring a mysterious cave in the mountains behind their house, John and his sister Sarah are shocked to discover they’ve time traveled to ancient Egypt!

Now they must work together to find a way back home from an ancient civilization of golden desert sand and a towering new pyramid, without parents to save them. The adventures abound—cobras, scorpions, a tomb robber, and more! The two kids have to trust each other, make friends who can help, and survive the challenges thrown at them . . . or be stuck in ancient Egypt forever.

For readers graduating from the Magic Treehouse series and ready for intense action, dive into this middle grade novel rich with meticulous historical detail.

About the Author

Ben Gartner is the author of adventure books for middle graders and thrillers for adults. His writing for both audiences shares an ability to grab readers by their neurons for a thrilling ride, maybe even teaching them something in the meantime.

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