Stripes Recruitment by Luke Melia: A Tiger in town busy with job hunting

‘Stripes Recruitment’ is a new short story by Luke Melia. This story is about a ‘Tiger’ named Stripes who is trying hard to fit in the human world. Luke Melia started working on this idea of a ‘Tiger seeking a job’ about five years back.

Stripes Recruitment by Luke Melia
Paperback: 36 pages
Publisher: Independently published 

It is seldom that one would think of a Tiger trying hard to fit in the human world, least expecting him to be appearing for job interviews. Owing to the short length and smooth narrative, it is extremely easy to complete this story within an hour or so. There are illustrations to add to the text. The Tiger works metaphorically for someone trying hard to fit inside the set rules of present-day professional demeanor and getting rejected. All aspects of Stripes are similar to a human life; he has a wife and aspires to start his family but has to ensure financial stability at first.

The story begins with Stripes facing an interview for the post of a junior accountant and has to answer on what makes him the right candidate for the role. Ofcourse, the clichéd boardroom and their prejudiced minds are exposed. The average looking and average sounding Stripes is sidelined for being a Tiger. The interviewers think he could rather apply for a cleaner’s job or sort posts.

Stripes is married to Misa. Well, atleast she has a job and wants to start the family. Though, Stripes is skeptical bringing a baby into the world without a job. This situation is depressing and can only bog down anyone in Stripes’ situation.

But can Stripes give up? Is there a way to break the stereotype and pave a way for himself? You can read this story to know more.

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The prose is added with a poem in the end, ‘A man stands on the edge.’ It is beautifully composed giving vent to how man restricts through his restrictive perception of the world. Stripes Recruitment leaves you at a positive note, telling you that it is possible to overcome failures.

The edge-man is blinded by the restrictions he doesn’t even know exist,

And as he walks, the edge disappears behind him.

The time and space men weep.

I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset

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