Trey’s Adventure by L.G.Lynch

A tortoise is every pre-schoolers favorite. The Rabbit and the Tortoise is the first story that a child hears and thus, a tortoise becomes a relatable, lovable character for them. In ‘Trey’s Adventure’, L.G.Lynch takes this adorable character on a small adventure.

Trey is a six-year-old tortoise stepping on the grass for the first time in his life. He belongs to a four-year-old boy named Tommy who accidentally leaves Trey in the garden. Trey is scared venturing into the unknown garden. Till now, he has only seen the garden from Tommy’s window. But, surprise…surprise, there is an adventure in store for him as he discovers his surroundings and other tiny creatures. Just like a small child, Trey experiences the outer world, away from the safety and security of Tommy’s presence for the first time. He is hesitant to step out or make new friends.  

The other characters on Trey’s finding his way back to Tommy are Katy the caterpillar, Wendy the ladybird and Freddie the fly. The tiny creatures become Trey’s friends while a villainous Robin is ready to gobble up these new friends.

The language is adorable as Lynch uses words like Giggles and Wigglies referring to common things in the garden. The usage of such words is sure to bring a chuckle on the little reader’s/ listener’s face. Each chapter is titled with a catchy-rhyming phrase like ‘Pitter Patter she’s a Chatter’. And, there are eight such chapter headings in the book.

The text is accompanied by big and bright illustrations. Though I wish some more thrust was laid on making these illustrations more appealing.

Children love adventure, especially the lost and found stories. And, the presence of a big villainous creature that the ‘hero’ of the story will have to fight with. In Trey’s Adventure, these two aspects come together.

This book will surely appeal to both girls and boys in the age group of 3-5 years.

In ‘Trey’s Adventure’, the author explores the theme of fear of loneliness and darkness in an enjoyable way. Hence, this makes for a wonderful bedtime read for the little ones.   

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About the Author

L G Lynch (Lyndsay Lynch) is a local resident of Larne in Mid and East Antrim, Northern Ireland and lives with her daughter and cairn terrier/westie.

In 2006, one of her poems was published in ‘A bedtime poem for every day of the year‘ by Anchor books.

Trey’s Adventure was written in 2004 as a bedtime story for her daughter Rebecca and she decided in 2019 to have the children’s story book published so the rest of the world can read the tale and fall in love with the characters just the same as her daughter did.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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